Mango Plantain Bar

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Mango Plantain combines crunchy-chewy bits of tropical fruits smothered in 43% milk chocolate. A pinch of sea salt clarifies diced mango and organic plantain chips, while a suggestion of habanero extract delivers a piquant finish. Containing a bold 43% of cacao, this bar promises to deliver one of the most complex and surprising milk chocolate tastings you might ever experience. Each jcoco envelope contains three 1oz chocolate bars.

Cacao 43% in milk chocolate
Size 3 oz
Dimensions H 6.38" x W 3.25" x D 0.38"

3 1oz bars per package for savoring or sharing

Jcoco is a Women Owned Company with a focus on feeding hungry families at its core. Since then, with each jcoco purchase, they donate fresh servings of food to those in need through partnerships with food banks in Washington, California and New York. With your help, they’ve donated almost 4 million servings to date, and are well on their way to their big goal of 10 million!