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Chukar Cherries

Original Chocolate Assortment Cherries Nuts & Berries

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Honey Pecans: The unforgettable combination of honey-roasted praline pecans coated in premium milk chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar.

Cherry Bings: Burgundy in color, these plump dried Bing cherries are surrounded by milk chocolate with pure cherry essence. Northwest grown.

Raspberry Truffles: Sweet cranberries are encased in smooth, artisan white chocolate and generously dusted in tart raspberry powder.

Truffle Cherries: Chocolate connoisseurs love this ganache-inspired treat, made with whole dried Bing cherries, milk chocolate, and rich cocoa powder.

Cabernet Cherries: Dark chocolate tempers the sourness of Tart cherries and wine essence in this indulgent flavor combination.

Classic Dark Cherries: Northwest-grown, dried cherries dipped in artisan dark chocolate using Old World copper kettles. A customer favorite.